Rorschach (R-PAS) East African Community (EAC) Training & Feasibility Study

Train East African mental health providers in Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS) methodology with the goal of normative data collection across Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Overarching Aim

300+ R-PAS administrations will be gathered across  African animal to establish a normative sample for three separate countries

Secondary Aims

Africa as a continent will have representation in R-PAS norms (currently Africa and Antarctica are the two continents that do not have representation in the R-PAS norms) 


Establish a multi-site, multi-county collaboration . 75+ local mental health providers will be trained in R-PAS methodology across three East African countries 

East Africa Rorschach (RPAS) Psychology Study

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$70,000 goal

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Why the Rorschach

So why do this? Why does the lead PI, Snyder, care? Why put effort into a test that has been used as a punchline for poor research consistency, morphed into a series of table top games and/or coffee table books, and even a comic book character? Great question

Why Africa?

Africa has been left-off the agenda…again! Despite local efforts to increase mental training and international calls for increasing mental health care access, Africa does not have a seat at the psychometric table. A handful of scholars and studies from South Africa have articulated this health inequity