What’s the contribution?

Aside from the novelty of this project, this research is of value because the Rorschach is unlike any other Western assessment tool, in the sense that it is pictorially-based, and accessible to individuals at all literacy and numeracy levels. In addition to updating norms, which is of health and social importance, this study will provide job and career building opportunities across East Africa. We believe our society, specifically the field of psychology, has been rooted in a heteronormative, patriarchal, white-world and has discounted the beauties and intricacies of all persons and how their respective engagement with the world can create, or epigenetically activate, certain mental health deficits. We believe our project is a step away from the old norm and towards new norms – both in theory and practice.
Where does the money go?
To East Africans and East African businesses. If successful, this study will provide monetary compensation to nearly 500 people across East Africa. Beneficiaries include: data collectors, trainees, study coordinators, study assistants, reliability coders, data entry folk, volunteers, participants, web-designer, local universities, and local businesse

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